2024 Courses

Front of House Support

Here, students will learn how to clear and set tables to the highest standard, assist bartenders in setting up their bar, and learn how to look for problem areas in the restaurant so they can best support the full venue team.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course students will be able to:

1. Have a detailed understanding of the server assistant role, opening and closing duties assigned to it, and an understanding of how to execute steps of service.

2. Indicate different areas of the restaurant, understand the difference between FOH and BOH locations and communicate with hospitality industry terminology.

3. Demonstrate an understanding of the various roles held throughout the industry.

4. Have some understanding of the different types of proteins and ways they are prepared and cooked; Be aware of common allergies, and steps taken to ensure guests safety.

5. Follow industry safety standards; identify hazardous materials and demonstrate how to handle them.

6. Describe the role of Expo and understand its importance.

7. Demonstrate how to carry three plates to and from the kitchen; Clear tables while practicing proper plate removal rules allowing for little guest disruption.

8. Understand the importance of teamwork and going above and beyond in service, giving practical examples