2024 Courses

Bartending Level 1

This beginner’s course exposes students to fundamental steps of bar service, industry terminology, techniques to elevate guest experience, and basic knowledge of spirits and cocktail creation.

Learner outcomes

At the end of this course students will be able to:

1. Categorize typical duties for FOH and BOH staff; Identify the roles of other individuals within the organization.

2. Carry out the opening and closing duties of bartenders; Identify the appropriate tools used by bartenders during service.

3. Have an understanding of the various techniques used to create cocktails for guests.

3. Demonstrate knowledge of the key points of steps of service from start to finish; Use appropriate communication techniques to enhance guest experience, assess your guest(s) and tailor your service to meet their desired experience.

4. Describe the different types of proteins and ways they are prepared and cooked. Understand common allergies, and how to communicate them to your chef.

5. Define the steps of wine service, identify types of glassware and what each is used for

6. Understand methods used for efficient chit completion and the correct order of drink building; Identify various types of ice and when they should be used; Describe spirit characteristics; Have knowledge on some of the classic cocktails.

7. Illustrate a basic knowledge of the POS system Silverware, understand the layout of a kitchen chit, and explain the role and importance of Expo.

8. Provide documentation of Smart Serve certification and have a clear understanding of WHMIS

9. Understand the importance of teamwork and going above and beyond in service, giving practical examples