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I learned a lot… how to cook, read recipes, the efficient ways to organize my workspace, and most importantly, to think in the mind of the customer.

Hayaam B.

Canadian Hospitality Academy Participant

This experience is a game changer.

Jane S.

Canadian Hospitality Academy Participant

Online learning, followed by in-person training in real restaurants… There are real jobs on the other side and not just the possibility of an interview. This is what makes this program so important.

Yonis Hassan

CEO of Justice Fund

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Cooking Level 1

(course value $1,500)

The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant, and cooks are what keep that heart beating. Cooking is more than a creative outlet, it’s a precise artform which takes discipline and passion. Understanding the key principles of cooking will give you the foundation you need to start your career in hospitality.

Restaurant Hosts

(course value $1,500)

As the first person to engage with guests when they walk in the door, the restaurant Host is a key part of the guest experience and restaurant operations. The host is also the last face the guests see upon leaving the restaurant, providing an additional opportunity to demonstrate hospitality excellence when wishing the guests farewell.

Front of House Support

(course value $1,500)

Server Assistant’s/Bussers support the entire Front of House team in executing outstanding service. As the connection between all departments, server assistants have a large impact on guest experience.

Bartending Level 1

(course value $1,500)

A bartender’s role is crucial in creating and preparing exceptional drinks for everyone dining in the restaurant. With an extensive knowledge of liquor, beer, and wine products, you will be able to deliver a remarkable dining experience. Mastering the key steps of service and executing them efficiently will pave the way for your growth in the hospitality industry.

Serving Level 1

(course value $1,500)

Servers hold the pivotal role of ensuring that every guest who walks into your restaurant enjoys a truly exceptional experience. From the moment they arrive until the end of their meal, you are their primary point of contact, guiding them through their dining journey. By mastering the key steps of service, you will open doors to further growth in your hospitality career.

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To Michelin Stars

The Canadian Hospitality Academy works with dozens of dining companies across the sector, including top-tier Michelin recommended dining establishments. Come learn with us and embark on a future in one of the world’s most exciting, fast paced, beloved industries.


Chef Antonio Park’s stunning, sky high restaurant presenting elegant Pan Asian-inspired dishes & drinks in Yorkville.

Bar Chica

Patria’s cheeky little Barcelonian sister concept. Your favourite late night hangout spot.


A casual yet sophisticated bistro-bar. Sans fuss. Now French.

Toronto Beach Club

Inhale the senses. Exhale in wonder. A beachside oasis in the heart of the big city


An elegantly modern approach to traditional Italian cuisine

Pink Sky

The city’s best sea-to-fork restaurant in the heart of King West

Miss Likklemore’s

Toronto’s first haute Caribbean-inspired dining concept

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